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Gospel Artists
Urban Artists
Auntwoine Stepp (Dee Jazzy) is a powerful raper. His hip hop style is fresh and combines a East Coast flavor with Southern influences to produce tracks with rich bass and solid guitar grooves. Originally from Kentucky, he is a perfectionist who pushes his powerful form of rap to the limit. As a song writer, he combines samples with live instruments in a way that affords him his own style. Listen to Dee Jazzy here...
The Elements are a the rap group of ATL. Their style is innovative and fresh, yet powerful. Eash member of the trio has a different music approach and style. A complete musical experience. Listen to The Elements here...
Salim Muhamad (S Class) is originally from New Jersey, Salim played a major role in DS7's development of a fresh new sound. His ability to construct thoughtful rapp lyrics on the spot is intense and unparalleled. He has teamed up with numerous ASF producers to generate some of the most original grooves always with the same result, an insanely cool experience.  Listen to S Class here...
Jermaine (Diamond Dee) and Kenyon Griffin are a performing duo live as a team but the studio work and songs are the talents of Jermaine (left). Originally from Connecticut, this southern flavored hip hop artist develops grooves that are R&B-based. He typically combines the borrowed singing talents of fellow Atlantans with rapp for more universal appeal and musical versatility.  Listen to Jermaine and Kenyon here...
Chynah Mari is truly one of a kind. Her writing skilz are ahead of the rap game and include her deeply profound spiritual enlightenment. High energy, a well known model, and spiritually in touch.
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