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Gospel Artists
Urban Artists
Pastor Adrienne Swearinger is a marriage counselor and author of three books. Her extensive depth and committment to relationship excellence is unique and her gifts are obvious as defined by her success. She also starred in the talk hybrid-TV show, "Married Women of Virtue" which was produced and aired on FBN during 2010. The video snipit is from her first book entitled "Cinderella, You Lied to Me" as she outlines wifely Biblical guidance based on the Proverbs 31 definition. An inspired and real synopsis based on what the instruction Book (Bible) says. Her other books include "When the Vow Breaks! Stand" and "I Decided to Stay! Now What". Amazing!
Current Updates for Music and Live Productions

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Vocal Books
Spoken Word
LaTonya McClain is a spoken word artist. Her poetry is unique and includes subjects that are romantic, sensual, brash, thought provoking, and motivational. Self-aware, powerful, and gifted; she keeps it real. Two song from her CD are provided.
Choir Projects
The Hilsman Middle School Chorus recorded a Chirstmas CD as a fund raiser during the 2011 holiday season. The choir was directed Job T. Cannon and the project was produced by Dr. P. The full CD can be purchased via the school. The students did an excellent job as a choir and the soloists were amazing.
Humanitarian Projects

FIA Gospel Productions teamed up with Barnabas Interna­tional, a non­profit organization founded by Director Martin Kumi in an effort to provide shoes to the children of Ghana, West Africa. Dr. P. produced the title song, "God Help the Children" which featured talented actress/vocalist Latoya Foreman (pictured). The song, written by Job T. Cannon, serves as the theme song for all activities associated with the endeavor.